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Pregelatinized Starch - Food

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Product Name: Pregelatinized Starch - Food

Brand Name: VS-PFS


Pregelatinized food starch is nutritious carbohydrates derived from corn, tapioca or potato and used in a huge range of food products. It is developed using the standard drum drying process followed by slightly cross linking the granules. The granules have a definite size, structure and rounded shape, producing an extremely smooth texture and have opacity or translucence paste depending on the starch source. 

It makes possible the production of many unique food products that do not require heat for preparation. Our made pregelatinized food starches meets requirements of all the global regulatory.

Applications / Advantages:

1)  It is used to preserve food products during manufacturing, processing and final distribution.
2)  VISCO pregelatinized food starch used as thickening, texturing and stabilizing agent in cream fillings, canned, sauces, soup mixes, gravies, tomato ketchup, pasty creams, dairy desserts and other food product industries.
3)  It helps in stabilizing the consistency of the food stuff when frozen and thawed, without void or blow off problems.
4)  Our made pregelatinized food starch is particularly well suited widely for coating the nuts and snacks. It is also used in meat coatings, incorporated dry as part of the seasoning mix or as a liquid spray.
5)  It can also take place of the partial soy protein and carrageenan to reduce the production cost.

Starch Source: Corn, Tapioca or Potato


25/50 Kg printed or plain HDPE/PP bag/Multiply Paper Bag/Paper & PP Combined bag. Custom packaging available on request.
Safety and Handling Pregelatinized food starch manufactured by VISCO STARCH must be handled as an Industrial chemical, wearing protective equipment and observing the precautions as mentioned in the MSDS.
To be stored on above ground on clean, dry & dust free godown. Maintain ambient temperature. Keep away from water, direct sunlight & flames.
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Shelf Life: 1 year from the date of manufacturing