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Pregelatinized Starch - Pharmaceutical

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Product Name: Pregelatinized Starch - Pharma

Brand Name: VS-PSP


Drugs and medicaments are required to be taken in small but accurate doses in the form of pills and tablets. VISCO pharmaceutical grade pregelatinized starch greatly endues the compressibility as well as improves the fluidity of the tablets. Pregelatinized starch is widely used in pharmaceutical because it is bland, order less and capable of digestion. Excellent flow properties and bulk density allow homogenous filling of capsules.

It is multipurpose excipient combining the dilution and disintegration power of native starch with new functionalities, such as flow ability and controlled cohesive power. It allows simplified processes as it swell in cold water and therefore reduce time/cost compared with traditional starch paste preparation.

Our made pregelatinized starch complies with USP–NF, IP, Ph. Eur. and JP monographs for pregelatinized starch.

Applications / Advantages:

1)  VISCO pharmaceutical grade pregelatinized starch is widely used as a binding and disintegrating agent for tablets, pills and granules, also used as filler for capsules. 
2)  Best as dry binder, increase tablet hardness, Decrease tablet friability.
3)  Its self-lubricating property eliminates any negative effect on dissolution.
4)  Superior flow properties ideal for direct compression tableting.

Starch Source: Corn, Tapioca or Potato


25/50 Kg printed or plain HDPE/PP bag/Multiply Paper Bag/Paper & PP Combined bag. Custom packaging available on request.
Safety and Handling Pregelatinized pharma starch manufactured by VISCO STARCH must be handled as an Industrial chemical, wearing protective equipment and observing the precautions as mentioned in the MSDS.
To be stored on above ground on clean, dry & dust free godown. Maintain ambient temperature. Keep away from water, direct sunlight & flames.
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Shelf Life: 1 year from the date of manufacturing